City estate residents up in arms over illegal constructions, fault NMS

A section of City Park drive residents in Parklands within have lodged a complaint to the Nairobi Metropolitan Services over an ongoing Multi-million housing project going on in the area saying they were neither consulted nor shown the blueprint of the project.

Amidst the hue and cry on the project, the residents claim the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) whom they have written to has not been keen to listen to their plight.

Through its advocate, Alex Wageni of Wageni and company, the residents are calling for an investigation by relevant bodies.

In a complaint correspondence laid against Ammey Homes Limited, Sustainable Development Solutions Limited, and Koch Construction Limited, who is the main contractor of the project, they claim the documents made in line with the project are neither valid nor their authenticity cannot be validated. 

In a letter dated February 22, 2022, Mr. Wageni states that the environmental impact assessment report in which NMS approved the development of a total seventy-seven 3 and 4 bedroomed apartment units are in an area being served with no existing sewer line.

According to the construction blueprint the said building will accommodate more than 700 people once completed hence raising health concerns.

Ironically the structural engineer’s and the architect’s letter confirm they have not been involved in the project from the Start yet their Names were posted on the site board to hoodwink the public on the project legality.

“We refer to the above matters. I hereby confirm that I terminated my services from the mentioned project on May 21, 2021 for failure to sign the contract for work supervision, I confirm that the same was communicated to Nation Construction Authority on the same day and have been notified that my name appears on the project signpost. Kindly remove my Name from the project signpost with immediate effects,” said one of the engineer’s.

Residents now want the two bodies, NMS and NCA, to immediately Issue orders stopping any further development, condemn the site and ordering the demolition of the structures.

“We want the authority responsible to act before it’s too late, let the structures be brought down and allow legal process to take place,” Amos Wekesa, a resident said.

They further claim that the building is being constructed at a high-speed hence raising security concerns.

More so residents have also raised complaints of harassment by the police whom they accused of aiding the contractor whom they believe is doing an illegal construction.

“We were recently arrested and accused of stealing construction material but the real thing is it was only some intimidation tactics,” one of the residents said.

“Just observe and see, the signpost has no engineer, the one who was there distanced himself from the projects and his name was also removed from this signpost this morning, we feel that something fishy must be going on,” Moses Siakama said.

He added that residents have not been involved in the entire project and their issues are being ignored.

Residents have also made complaints to the NCA, Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company, and the NMS on the same.

They are now calling on the National government to quickly swing into action and investigate the entire project and stop it for the benefit of their health.

The counsel has also questioned the manner in which the electric posts were erected and urged the responsible authority to move with speed to prevent future calamities.

“We have seen more buildings collapsing as a result of quick and illegal constructions,” he added.