Company that wants to be paid millions for supplying “air” exposed


Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has vowed to reign in on rogue suppliers in the name of cartels demanding to be paid millions for supplying ‘air’ to the county.

During the confrontation last week with officers who had allegedly been sent to collect money from the county offices, Sonko dared them to arrest him saying they were being used to harass county finance officers.

“The cartels are back again at City Hall. PROLAND Ltd owned by a Mr Fredrick Mungai recorded a consent with Nairobi County Gov’t during the previous administration to be paid Sh35m for supplying hot air.

“They were paid over Sh50m during the previous regime for the supply of air,” said the governor.

Further, Sonko accused the officers using handcuffs to scare county staff in a bid to extort money from them.

 “Now they’re back with plainclothes Police officers at our Finance offices to force the County Government to pay more millions at the expense of taxpayer’s money.

“So far they have already been paid Sh175,000,000 without supplying anything to the county.

“But as long as I’m the Governor of Nairobi, I will not allow the cartels to steal County Gov’t money,” maintained Sonko.

He added that if the situation gets out of hand he will seek assistance from President Uhuru Kenyatta in his bid to ensure looters have no place in the county.

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