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Discover the Magic of Jambo Travelers Hotel: A Fantastic Place to Stay!



Located right in the heart of Mtwapa, Mombasa, Jambo Travelers Hotel is like a dream come true! It’s a super special place where you can feel like royalty. Everyone loves coming here – families, couples, adventurers, and even people who are working hard.

Amazing Rooms for Important Guests: One of the coolest things about Jambo Travelers Hotel is the fancy rooms they have for important guests, like you! These rooms are really fancy and have a mix of styles from all around the world. They’re super comfy and look really cool too!

Making Sure You Feel Good: At Jambo Travelers Hotel, they really care about making sure you feel good during your stay. That’s why they don’t allow smoking in any of the rooms. But don’t worry if you like to smoke – they have special places just for that! They want everyone to have a great time and feel healthy and happy.

Easy to Find: You won’t get lost trying to find Jambo Travelers Hotel! It’s right on the Mombasa-Mailindi Highway, just behind the Kenol Petrol Station. That means you can get there easily, whether you’re going on an adventure or just need a place to rest. Plus, it’s close to all the fun things to do in Mtwapa!

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