Governor Sonko seeks State help against land grabbing


By J. Papanoo.

The Director of Criminal Investigations and the Director of Public Prosecutions should conduct serious investigations into land grabbing in Nairobi, Governor Mike Sonko has said.

Sonko on Monday said some rogue Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission officials are part of cartels involves in land grabbing in the capital city.

He called on DCI George Kinoti and DPP Noordin Haji to be more vigilant in Nairobi.

“In fact, they should start probing the involvement of top EACC officials in the grabbing of a piece of land in South C,” Sonko said.

The piece of land allocated for construction of an ECDE centre was irregularly allocated to a businessman with the consent of EACC, he alleged during a breakfast radio show at Radio Citizen on Monday.

“I have launched an official complaint with the DCI with all the relevant information and l expect that the DPP will take the matter seriously when it gets to him,” Sonko said.

The governor wants top EACC officers questioned over their role in the irregular allocation of the South C piece of land.

A mall is already being constructed on the land but the Governor has promised to pull it down soon.

Sonko said there is another plot to grab a piece of land from a widow in Nairobi’s Parklands area.

He linked a senior officer in the police department over the silent plot to grab the land.

“If I were in EACC, I would focus efforts on pursuing real graft issues instead of engaging in political sideshows and witch-hunt,” he said.

“They should accuse me of plundering public resources or diverting money to my personal account and not dwelling on things that happened 22 years ago,” said Sonko.

During the talk show, the governor denied claims that he has sacked over 300 employees since taking over, as alleged by Matopeni MCA Abdi Guyo.

He explained that he has only suspended officials who have slept on their job or alleged to have misused their positions to pave way for investigations.

“I have never sacked anyone. What l have done is suspend my officers to allow for investigations and once someone is cleared they resume their work,” he said.

On the planned investigations on Dandora Stadium, he dismissed claims over pricing, noting that the county has so far paid Sh96 million for work done and not Sh365 million as alleged in media reports.

The Stadium is to cost Sh265 million upon completion.

The 12,000-seater stadium is of the right quality, according to county engineers.

Governor Sonko said it will soon be launched.

He revealed that the county has so far done 123km of road, four markets in collaboration with the World Bank and the national government, upgraded major health facilities and improved sanitation in the city.

“When you look at the roads and the work we have done in health facilities like Pumwani and Mama Lucy, l believe we have done well and we are still going to do more,” Sonko said.

On revenue collection , Sonko said that the county is working hard to improve on its daily collections.

The County is working on measures that can help it meet its target but the Governor noted that collections for the last financial year improved by Sh139 million.

The county collected Sh10.165 billion against a target of Sh15 billion.

The governor admitted that key sectors are still not meeting their potential in revenue collection due to poor planning and some levels on unchecked impunity that ought to be tamed.

“I know that there are some lapses and l cannot be everywhere in all the wards but we are going to fix these challenges,” he said.

This financial year, the county is still focusing more on health, water, environment and transport sectors.

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