Investigating my past is political witch hunt- Sonko


By J.Papanoo

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has blamed the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission for engaging in political witch hunt by trying to investigate his past life.

Sonko who appeared before commission to honour summons on his past personal life and alleged criminal activities accused the agency for engaging in baseless plans to remove him from office.

The commission is accusing him of having been convicted in 1997 and that he is not supposed to be in office.

The governor has termed the move as malicious, noting that his public life and past mistakes are in public domain.

“I don’t fear accepting that I was in prison because there is no problem with that because Nelson Mandela was in prison, Raila was in prison and many others,” Sonko said.

The governor accepted the fact that he was sentenced for three months back in 1997 and that the matter being raised was given cleared by the Makadar Law courts and EACC itself before he contested for the senate seat and the governor seat as well.

“The issue here is to remove me from office because of my position to fight corruption and cartels in Nairobi,”

The governor said that he has not been convicted in any court of law since being elected Governor, citing that the move EACC is personal.

He accused the anti-graft agency for being custodians of graft and working in cahoots with land grabbers to grab public land.

Sonko who raised a red flag on the fictitious Sh293 million land sale agreement between the defunct Nairobi City County and a company called Proland insisted that top EACC officials have played a major role in siphoning of the county funds.

The County has so far paid Sh175 million to the company and it is until the governor stopped plain cloth police officers from arresting top finance officers that all this blew up.

The governor has vowed to ensure that the piece of land in question remains public land as long as he is in office.

The governor has urged EACC to lead by example by being by partisan in the war against graft and ensuring that its officers are not engaging in schemes to extort money.

Sonko blamed the earlier drama on outside the EACC offices on police officers who lobbed teargas aimlessly because of the decision he made to kick them out at City Hall last week.

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino who was in solidarity with governor Sonko,asked the police to stop being used by individuals to advance personal interests.

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