Kenindia revamps website around customer needs

Kenindia Assurance has revamped its website with an improved design geared towards better serving customers’ needs especially with the increasingly growing millennials that the company is targeting with its insurance products.

In line with its recent strategy of targeting millennials, the new changes will make it easier to navigate through the site in search of information about the company’s offerings. The site’s function has been designed such that it will direct users to the most relevant information based on their interest. The information has been segmented along the three main businesses of Kenindia namely; Life insurance, General insurance, and Kenindia Medical.

The new improvements mark the beginning of a data-driven improvement. “We are constantly trying to improve our systems to try and respond to users. This recent improvement shows our commitment to innovation and excellence in every solution and service that we offer,” said James Macharia, Chief Operating Officer, Kenindia Assurance.

The overall architecture of the site has not changed much, thereby enabling regular visitors to easily navigate and find the information they are looking for. The website also has a dynamic layout, allowing customers to easily read either on computers as well as through their mobile devices.