Plans Underway for Long-Term Solutions to Ensure Steady Fuel Supply for County Fleet

Mobility and Works CEC Brian Mulama has promised that they are working hard to ensure County vehicles have fuel by next week.

Mobility and Works CEC, Brian Mulama has stated that County vehicles are currently facing a shortage of fuel due to delays in the release of funds from the Controller of Budget (COB).

Mr Mulama However, assured the public that they are working diligently to resolve this issue and ensure that the vehicles have fuel by the following week.

 “As we come to the end of the financial year, there have been issues with finances for fuel. We hope by next week the Controller of Budget   will have forwarded the money to us,” Mulama stated.

Having recently taken over the sector after a reshuffle by Governor Sakaja, Mulama is actively planning to address the fuel supply problem in the long term.

One of their plans is to establish a system with different suppliers to ensure a steady and reliable fuel supply for the county’s vehicles. Additionally, there are plans to have a dedicated petrol station for the county to further facilitate fuel availability.

In terms of prioritization, the CEC stated that they will give special attention to fire engines and ambulances. This means that these emergency vehicles will be given priority when it comes to fuel allocation to ensure that they are always ready to respond to critical situations.

The County authorities are aware of the current issues and are taking steps to improve the fuel situation for their vehicles, with a focus on reliable funding, multiple suppliers, and priority allocation for emergency vehicles.