Publishing house inks pact with Investment firm to train entrepreneurs in Financial Literacy

CEO and Founder of Abojani Erick Ochieng (left) with Soko Directory Manager Wafula Juma after the signing of a partnership deal.

Online publishing house, Soko Directory Investments Limited has entered into a partnership with Abojani Investments, experts on personal finance and investing.

The partnership between the two entities will see Soko Directory work with Abojani in the amplification of financial training sessions that have so far seem them train over 5000 people.

“We aspire to train 1 million Kenyans on financial awareness by 2023. We run online communities with over 100,000 learners on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram,” said Robert Ochieng, CEO and Founder of Abojani.

“Soko has a reputation in setting the agenda in conversations across the country. We are positive that this partnership will help both us changing the financial discussions, not just in Kenya but around the world,” he added.

On his part, the CEO and Founder of Hidalgo Group of Companies, under whose Soko Directory is Founder, Mr. Steve Biko Wafula, the partnership between Soko and Abojani will widen the scope of operations as the world keeps on changing in terms of technology.

“These are strange times. The world is still under the grip of the Covid-19 pandemic and conversations have shifted from hope to survival and seeing tomorrow. The world cannot do without money and investments, and we cannot let this conversation die,” said Mr. Biko.

According to Mr. Biko, Kenya thrives on the wheels of SME sector that provides 86% of employment opportunities and 45.5% to the country GDP, “yet it is the most struggling sector in terms of challenges. We need to have a conversation on how to run businesses and manage finances. This is what informed our partnership with Abojani.”