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Renowned Veterinarian Urges Farmers to Combat Mastitis for Sustainable Dairy Farming



Dr. Simon Gathii Gachomo Gichuru, a highly respected veterinarian hailing from Murang’a, has issued a clarion call to dairy farmers, stressing the critical importance of tackling mastitis, a debilitating disease that significantly impacts cattle health and farm profitability.

Mastitis, an inflammation of breast tissue often linked with infection, poses a grave threat to dairy cattle worldwide. Dr. Gichuru, renowned for his extensive expertise spanning decades, emphasized the dire consequences of mastitis on the dairy industry, citing its prevalence in over 85% of all dairy cattle and its detrimental effects on milk yields, consequently leading to economic losses for farmers.

In a recent interview with Taarifa News, Dr. Gichuru shed light on the multifaceted nature of mastitis, which can be caused by a range of microorganisms including viruses, mycoplasma, fungi, and bacteria. However, amidst the grim realities of mastitis, Dr. Gichuru offered a beacon of hope, asserting that the disease is treatable, thereby potentially restoring the productivity of dairy animals.

Dr. Gichuru underscored the importance of preventive measures in combating mastitis, advocating for the administration of teat-dip immediately after milking. This simple yet effective practice, he explained, helps to prevent bacterial invasion during the vulnerable period when the teat valve remains open, thus safeguarding the udder health of dairy cattle.

Dr. Gichuru unveiled his proactive approach to mastitis detection, providing farmers with free indicator strips for early diagnosis. These user-friendly strips, capable of detecting mastitis through a simple color change when exposed to a sample of milk, empower farmers to swiftly identify infected cattle. Dr. Gichuru urged farmers to utilize these strips and reach out to him for diagnosis and treatment guidance, leveraging technology such as WhatsApp for seamless communication.

Dr. Gichuru encouraged farmers to seek a second opinion when it comes to the treatment of their cows, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between veterinarians and farmers in ensuring comprehensive care for livestock.

As the dairy industry grapples with the challenges posed by mastitis, Dr. Gichuru’s impassioned plea serves as a rallying cry for farmers to adopt proactive measures, leverage available resources, and forge partnerships with veterinary professionals. Through collective action, stakeholders can strive towards sustainable dairy farming practices, mitigating the impact of mastitis and securing the future of the dairy industry

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