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Sonko faults Magufuli for reopening Tanzanian economy



Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has faulted Tanzanian President John Pombe Maguli for allowing Tanzanians to revert back to normal life despite the existing danger of the Corona Virus.

Sonko says that it’s absurd for Magufuli to set Tanzanians free to the extent of throwing parties in night clubs yet other countries that had reopened are considering shutting their economies again.

” I beg to differ with President Pombe that ” corona kwisha” to the extent of allowing our brothers and sisters in Dar, Tanzania to celebrate the death of Corona in night clubs without observing the required WHO rules on social distancing,” Sonko said in a station posted on his Facebook page.

He cited the case in Italy where a pastor became very emotional on realising many of his worshipers died of Covid-19.

The governor has called on Kenya not to be brainwashed by the situation in Tanzania and instead comply with the Ministry of Health regulations.

Tanzania stopped anouncing her Covid-19 results early last month when the tally was almost at 450 .

Kenya is expected to reopen earliest in July with the cases now over 2000.

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