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Sonko vows to rise again after impeachment

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Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has said that he is happy and excited to go back to his life and freely mingle with the ordinary citizens.

In a Facebook post on Friday night, Sonko said that he does not regret what he did during his tenure, labeling his impeachment as political and not based on law.

“ As I said before, there is life after politics, and I am excited to go back to my life and to be with the ordinary people who have been supporting me all my political life,”

He added that the senate was under state instructions to ensure that he is kicked out of his position. “ My good friend the speaker of senate Ken Lusaka told me he was under instructions from state to breach the law in presiding over my impeachment because he was scared of the carcinogenic wheelbarrow scandal being brought back when he was the governor of Bungoma,”

Sonko added: “ Some of my former colleagues in the senate had to sacrifice me because of the party political pressure from their party bosses who personally called them to impeach me because I was not born in State House and my father was not President nor Prime Minister and Vice President as well,”

He said that he is aware every senator who voted him out was given Sh2million as a bribe to vote him out.

He called on his family to be strong and his supporters not to give up on their dreams and to instead keep working hard.

“ To all my people and supporters who have been believing and standing with me throughout my 10 years political journey, I encourage you to promise yourself, no matter how hard it gets, do not give up on your dream,”

Sonko was impeached on Thursday by the senate after 27 senators voted in  favor of the impeachment  motion against 17 who voted in his support.

But he believes that his political life is not done and that he will bounce back when the right times comes back.


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