Uhuru comes to Sonkos Rescue


By. JPapanoo

President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged Nairobi MPs and senator to avoid unnecessary criticism against governor Sonko and MCAs instead focus on making laws in the National assembly.

Speaking at Bomas of Kenya on 28th Wednesday during the launch of BBI report, President Kenyatta said it is high time the City law makers from highest House focus on their legislative functions instead of engaging in competition with county chief, even if the legislators have interests in county seat.

“Let us leave our Governors and MCAs work for our people back in the village, so that as a country we can realize the fruits of devolution, ” the President said.

President Kenyatta’s statement comes barely one week after a group of City MPs led by senator Johnson Sakaja addressed media at  Parliament buildings calling on Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko to put his house in order or else take unspecified action against his style of leadership.

“Governor Sonko must wake up and work for Nairobians, we demand to know how he has been running City Hall without substantive CECs,” Sakaja told journalists at the Parliament’s media centre.

But Governor Sonko in a rejoinder claimed that the Mps were being sponsored by some city cartels who had supplied air at cityhal and demanded to be paid, but Sonko had vowed not to pay any coin that cannot be accounted for.

Sonko has been firm in the fight against corruption in the city since he assumed office, something that has made most of cartels uncomfortable with his leadership, owing to the fact that he does not compromise corruption deals at the famous Cityhal.

Meanwhile Embakasi East mp Babu Owino and his counterpart Embakasi west mp George Theuri have so far affirmed their full support to Governor Sonko and urged him to ignore those legislators criticizing his leadership, but rather focus on delivering to Nairobians.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is now supporting changes that will see MPs and senators strictly restricted to legislation at national level.

Uhuru further said that there is no need for MPs to duplicate roles being done by the national and county governments, further expressing dissatisfaction with some legislators who have been embroiled in battles with Governors instead of focusing on legislation.

Uhuru said that MCAs must be supported and given a major role in helping governors achieve development at grassroot levels.

“Let mcas work in the village, construct good roads, bring clean water so that our people back in the village can feel fruits of devolution, and thats Kenya we want to see moving forward, “Uhuru said.

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