Time for Kenyatta to Demonstrate True Leadership on Climate Change Issues; Greenpeace Africa

President Kenyatta has been selected to chair the Committee of African Heads of States and government on climate change. In response to these developments, Greenpeace Africa campaigner, Claire Nasike has said:

“It is quite encouraging to see Kenya’s leadership on climate change issues in Africa being recognized. Kenya has made great strides in advancing access to clean and affordable renewable energy for communities across the country. However, the climate crisis impacts in our country remain real. 

“The Climate crisis has had devastating impacts on the lives, and livelihoods of many Kenyans and Africans at large. A few weeks ago, pastoralists in Marsabit county lost their livestock due to flash flooding. Such extreme weather events of floods and droughts are becoming more frequent and more intense as the climate crisis deepens. It is evident that climate change is one of the biggest challenges that African societies are facing and will continue to face this century and beyond.

“This leadership role bestowed upon Kenyatta should be more than just empty talk, as livelihoods and people are at stake. Kenyatta has the responsibility of leading Africa’s governments through concrete actions to overcome the climate crisis impacts that continue to plague the continent. It is time for the African leadership to foster collaboration, utilise the huge renewable energy potential that the continent posits and increase a continental ambition in tackling the climate emergency.

“Africa’s governments need to halt all investment in fossil fuels and shift to safer, more sustainable energy sources, such as wind and solar.  Shifting investments from dirty fossil fuels to renewable energy sources has a huge potential in enabling communities to build resilience to climate change impacts, driving inclusive economic growth and creating job opportunities.”