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Traditional Chinese Medicine seeks to break even in the national healthcare scene

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For ages, traditional or herbal medicine has been a concept that resonates well with many of those living in developing countries such as Kenya due to its socio-economic and cultural significance.
According to the World Health Organization, the practice has largely been anchored in skillsets, and practices based on beliefs and experiences in relation to local cultures.

However, there is evidently little recognition of herbal medicines in Kenya as far as national healthcare is concerned even as it has historically been in use in the country.

Modern scientific research into herbs used in Kenya for medicinal and nutrition such as Moringa Oleifera has shown beneficial effects in several chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and overall inflammation proving to be therapeutically beneficial. This may soon though as XRP Medical Kenya Ltd strives to serve the healthcare industry and wellbeing of the Kenyans by providing a wide range of pharmaceutical products and alternative medicine products

With viral infections continuing to rise with the increasing global population with reported cases of patients experiencing a multitude of symptoms such as fever, coughs, and shortness of breath.
In more severe cases of infections, patients may experience pulmonary fibrosis, and major organ failure that can lead to fatalities

According to Edgar Ngugi, General Manager, XRP Medical Kenya, preventing illnesses not only reduces the burden incurred by individuals when sick, but also to healthcare providers
needed to treat patients Strengthening the body’s natural immune system to ward off illnesses through TCM herbal-derived medicines is XRP Medical Kenya Ltd strategy to improving well-being

Determining the best course for prevention is of primary importance since illnesses may result in long-term sequalae, and incur costs pertaining not only to treatment but time lost from school and work
XRP Medical Kenya Ltd is committed to supporting and complementing the healthcare fraternity in the fight against viral infections as they observe the WHO guidelines on IPC measures to help mitigate the effects of pandemics

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
Traditional knowledge related to human and animal health is common world over and it is in this field that XRP Kenya seeks to fill the gap through the introduction of herbal medicines like Healthouself Formular3 and Healthouself Formular 5 whose active compounds are derived from plants and synthesized into Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in which according to the institution, scientific approach has been used to study the effectiveness of TCM herbs to isolate active
compounds known to have therapeutic uses.

For example, Healthouself Formular 3, which has already been introduced in the country and approved Pharmacy and Poisons Board and was originally from an ancient prescription more than 700 years ago and has been billed to help strengthen the immune system for better responses against bacterial, fungal and viral infections.This prescription includes active ingredients verified
for having a very powerful role in strengthening immunity and has been used by health workers and
medical personnel to prevent nosocomial infections Complement Conventional Treatment.

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