Trouble for Nairobi Women’s Hospital as Insurers reject its bills

Before the dust could settle on allegations that Nairobi Women’s Hospital let by its management is involved in a well-choreographed scheme to milk patients dry in the name of revenue targets, the Association of Kenya Insurers has resolved to take drastic measures against the facility.

Health insurers have agreed not to accept future bills from Nairobi women’s Hospital citing the ongoing claim of cost inflation that is threatening to bring down the name of the once-revered medical facility. This will come as welcome news to the general public who had demanded action to be taken against the hospital.

Medical insurance underwriters met and resolved not to deal with the facility in the future.

Mr. Tom Gichuhi, the Association of Kenya Insurers (AKI) chief executive.

Some Insurance companies have gone ahead to suspend their services at Nairobi Women’s Hospital a move that will further complicate the situation for the facility as it seeks to fights these allegations on cost inflation.

“We bring to your attention that we have suspended services at Nairobi Women’s Hospital and all its branches for all our members due to operational challenges”, read part of the statement

The news comes after the hospital’s board of directors had issued a statement saying it had commenced an internal investigation into claims that its doctors force patients to undertake unnecessary procedures in a bid to shore up the facility’s revenue.

The board said it was also cooperating with the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Council, which is also conducting an independent investigation.

Leaked WhatsApp chats appeared to show how the hospital bosses set daily targets for the number of patients who should be admitted. They showed that the revenue, commissions, admissions, and discharge numbers were allegedly being actively monitored hourly, every day, and day and night by chief executive officer, Dr. Felix Wanjala.