A Compromised Judiciary?

February 20th, President Uhuru Kenyatta toured Kisii County in one of the Official Visits. Attending the commissioned the upgrading of Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital in Kisii County. In tow was Deputy President William Ruto, AU High Representative Incharge of Infrastructure Raila Odinga, the county’s Governor James Ongwae among a host of other leaders. Not forgetting the President of the Supreme Court of Kenya and the Chief Justice David Maraga.
The reason why the Chief Justice has been placed differently is because his presence while receiving the Head of State,at roadside rallies and at the function elicited mixed reactions.
For a better part of the week opinion was divided as to whether or not CJ Maraga’s presence sent messages of compromise on the Judiciary.
Even as details emerge of a section of leaders from South Nyanza having planned to boycott Kenyatta’s Kisii rally as reported in a section of the media, Maraga’s presence might have a dent on the Judiciary’s image.
Following the nullification of the August 8, 2017 General Elections by the SCOK, a visibly angry Kenyatta, while at a public rally, called for a “revisit of the judiciary”.
This did set the two arms of government on a collision course.
What changed to now Maraga having to attend a political rally is only left to wonder.
Though a native of the area, the “viable function” he could have attended was perhaps the commissioning of the Kisii hospital, a matter that irked Siaya Senator and Senior Counsel James Orengo.

The Senate Minority Leader said there is no day in the history of this country such a thing happened saying “in terms of decorum, it is a very bad manners”

It would have done no harm for the honorable CJ only attend the one function than open a can of worms that may be hard to be returned and be accouted for.

One may argue if, for example, boxer Floyd Mayweather attends an NBA game would mean he played in the match. Which is no. But the fact remains, it would be reported in tabloids the boxer attended the match even go to an extent and point out the brand of shoes he wore, the seat number he sat on and so forth. Because of his presence there.

All in all is having to keep hopes alive that the Kenyan Judiciary has not been compromised to attending political functions and giving “votes of thanks for bringing projects to our area”.
That kind of game and politicking should remain with politicians and bootlickers.