A look at space-freeing multifunctionality from LG Electronics

It is good to free up space within your house. People are increasingly cutting down from “living big” to “living small” with maximum experience. There are things within our living rooms that we take for granted but if accorded the seriousness, one will discover just how much space can be freed.

The coming of technology has long revolutionized how people interact and work. Technology has come with a wide range of solutions, especially for those looking for a minimalist way of living. In fact, freeing up space within your living room is all about adopting a smart arrangement of the things you own.

Now, LG Electronics has a wide range of solutions that will help you, to not only free up much space but also have the comfort you need to live an efficient, innovative life that is characterized by classic design.

LG Objet

In most cases, furniture and electronics take up too much space in our living rooms. The majority of people have the idea that having electronics and furniture cluttered around the room is the sign of “living big and large.” Truth is, one can do so much with a freed up space if the furniture was replaced with a small, smart and well-arranged one with provisions of holding all the electronics within the room.

Here is where LG Objet comes in. This is the ideal solution for minimalist designers looking for the perfect multifunctional appliances to free up rooms.

“This completely unique range delivers clutter-less spaces with its experimental forms. Every piece of furniture in the lineup is built to look aesthetically pleasing, take up less space, and add even more convenience to everyday life,” says LG Electronics.

TV screens that can slide over to reveal hidden storage space behind the display and air purifiers that can sit bedside for wireless smartphone charging and somewhere to put the stuff you want close by are the way of life that any person would love to have.

LG Styler

Did you know that sometimes our own clothes and those of our siblings take up too much space in our houses? Sometimes, however much one tries, pieces of clothes would still litter around, especially if you have kids. How about getting a gadget that will help you put your laundry in order and within reach, and always in perfect order without any wrinkles? 

Have you heard about LG Styler? This is a great option for your home, and for fashionistas looking for that walk-in wardrobe feel without having to sacrifice a whole room. Just place the advanced Styler next to your wardrobe and be amazed at its surprisingly large capacity that keeps clothes fresh and wrinkle-free.

LG G8X ThinQ

We all love our phones or computers. Most gadgets are often one-way. With such, to carry out a different task with them, the current task has to come to a halt. This inconveniences the majority of people, especially those who thrive on the art of multitasking.

What if you got a gadget that will greatly reduce your life’s complexities by giving you a double screen display so that you can perform different tasks at the same time? Here is the LG G8X ThinQ with LG Dual Screen. It is what many people refer to as a multitasking beast of a smartphone that utilizes two screens to offer more productivity, such as watching Netflix on one display while searching IMDB on the other, or turning one screen into a gamepad for easier, better gaming.

In The Kitchen

We cannot do without our kitchens. Sometimes arranging the kitchen is a huge challenge for most people. I found LG Signature products, and I will sample only two, as the best solution for your kitchen if you are looking at putting it in order.

LG’s Signature Kitchen Suite is all about luxurious built-in appliances that blend innovation, precision, and purposeful design in one package for inspiring more creativity and efficiency in the kitchen.

LG InstaView ThinQ™ Range with Air Fry frees up kitchen counters by integrating air frying and InstaView technology with AI-powered advanced customer service and connectivity to smart cooking platforms in a seamless package.