The future of traditional Chinese medicine in the Kenyan market

The editor of Bizwatch Kenya got an opportunity to sit down with XRP Medical Kenya Limited General Manager, Mr. Edgar Ngugi. XRP Medical Kenya Ltd is an established supplier and distributor of pharmaceutical products, alternative medicinal products and medical consumables in Kenya and within Africa. They are also certified agents for Tianjiang pharmaceuticals which is part of the Sinopharm National pharmaceutical group

Mr. Ngugi sat down with the editor understand the alternative medicine arena:

What does XRP Medical Limited stand for?

XinRuiPu which means good health.

How long have you been on the Kenyan market ?

XRP Medical started out in 2017 before we were fully registered early last year.

You are currently retailing two alternative medicines. Tell us a little about it.

In the Kenyan market, we are currently selling Healthouself Formula 3 and 5. For the Fomula 3, it prevents infectious diseases such as viral colds, especially for those with frail physique. It is also known as “Gamma globulin” in Chinese medicine and is widely used in modern clinical practice. In clinical use, this prescription has been verified for having a powerful role in strengthening immunity and preventing diseases for over seven hundred years. On this basis, Healthouself Formula 3, with the appropriate alterations to the variety of herbal medicine, is suitable for people who are prone to colds, weakness and perfuse sweat.

On the other hand, Formula 5 is prescribed to deal with viral infections such as viral pneumonia. It has been widely used in many provinces and cities in China and has become an important means of preventing and treating viral pneumonia. The drug can regulate and treat viral pneumonia through multiple components and links. Unlike Formula 3, this requires to be prescribed by a doctor.

How many African countries have you launched the products in so far? Do you plan to expand to the rest of Africa?

We are currently consolidating our Kenyan presence as we set our eyes to the East, Central and Southern Africa markets.

Are your products safe for children? If so, from what age?

Alternative medicine customers can stand assured that our products are safe for infants above the age of 3 years.

Where can Kenyans get these two drugs ?

Kenyan consumers can stand assured our products are available on Jumia and