Why alternative medicine is the way to go in 2021

Immunodeficiency is a state in which the immune system ability to fight diseases is compromised or entirely absent due to factors which include HIV infections, environmental factors such as extrinsic nutrition.

In clinical setting, immunosuppression can be caused by some drugs such as steroids.

A personal who has immunodeficiency may particularly be vulnerable to opportunistic infections, in addition to normal infections that could affect anyone. It also decreases cancer immunosurveillance in which the immune system scans the body cells and kill neoplastic ones.

Kenyan start up, XRP Medical Limited, is setting the scene regarding alternative medicine usage in the market. XRP Medical Kenya Ltd is an established supplier and distributor of pharmaceutical products, alternative medicinal products and medical consumables in Kenya and within Africa. Starting in 2017, the company has introduced two of their products the Healthouself Formula 3 and 5 that is pioneering the way people can boost their immunities.

In clinical use, Formula 3 has been verified for having a powerful role in strengthening immunity and preventing diseases for over seven hundred years. On this basis, this Formula 3, with the appropriate alterations to the variety of herbal medicine, is suitable for people who are prone to colds, weakness and sweat perfusion.

On the other hand, the Formula 5 contains ingredients that have been proven to have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits hence useful for all types of severe respiratory infections. This is in addition to the various studies done in China to demonstrate that for patients at the early stages of viral pneumonia, its use alone was sufficient to reduce fever symptoms and viral loads. For patients with severe conditions and under critical care, use of Healthouself formula 5 with conventional therapy complimented each other and this combination aids in patient recovery within a short period of continued treatment. It as well has an excellent therapeutic effect, good anti-pyretic and anti-inflammatory effect.

In 2021, Kenyans should take prevention more than cure even as we get to receive the vaccine. Healthouself can be found on Jumia, Jiji.co.ke and can be ordered on XRP Medical website.