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All you need to know about TECNO’s Camon 16 Premier



TECNO has crafted a niche for itself in the Kenyan market. The company has somewhat managed to standout in a crowded field with established brands including, Samsung, Huawei and Nokia.

The competition in the mobile phone industry has gotten much fiercer in the last two years – users are no longer satisfied with just a sleek appearance. The combination of form, together with the functions that a phone provides, have now become the deciding factor. Hence, the “imaging power” of mobile phone photography has now become a frequently used vocabulary in the industry. Many mobile phone companies are actively exploring and racing against each other to be a pioneer in turning imaging power into influence.

Recently, many brands have launched their new mobile phone products in Kenya, such as OPPO, TECNO, Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, Realme, Xiaomi and HMD through its Nokia brand of phones, giving the youth of today more choices.

Today it’s all about the recently launched TECNO CAMON 16 premier. Retailing at Sh 28,000 TECNO CAMON 16 Premier takes the crown when it comes to screen size, with over 6.85” inch display and a 90Hz ultra-clear resolution to provide an unparalleled mobile viewing experience.

The device comes with a fingerprint scanner shifted to the side to allow easy accessibility into the phone.

Camera function – front and rear cameras

TECNO CAMON 16 Premier boasts a massive 64MP rear ultra-quad camera and is equipped with a 48MP dual front camera giving it a crisp and noticeable sharpness to the photos taken. CAMON 16 uses MediaTek’s latest MTK G90T. With CPU processing speeds of up to 2.05GHz and 64MP camera support, the G90 is more than capable of bringing your visual ideas into reality.

For an avid photographer or are particular about your photos, TECNO’s model will not disappoint, regardless whether it’s the 48MP front cameras or the 64MP rear cameras. Its front camera has both a clear selfie lens as well as an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens to capture group shots with ease. The AI modes such as the TAIVOS 2.0 are designed from the ground-up by TECNO, who recently also set the industry standards for mobile photography technology.

In addition to the main front and rear cameras, the conversion of bright night scenes into ultra-clear night scene photos is also a major feature of each product.

The CAMON 16 Premier reduces the shooting time in bright environments to within 1 second and is more professional in subdividing super night scenes and dark environment portraits. It uses the AI RAW domain multi-frame super night portrait. Through the AI portrait segmentation and portrait protection, the portrait will not be overexposed while the night scene remains bright and clear.

According to TECNO, CAMON 16 Premier produces a stable output of 1080P quality even in a dark environment. At the same time, the 2.9μm super-large pixels makes the camera more sensitive to light. Therefore, other mobile phones can’t bring users a brighter experience in such dark environment videos.

Video Experience – anti-shake function

CAMON 16 Premier uses the Super Hybrid Video Anti-Shake (Super HIS) to stabilize and has produced fantastic photography results This is a notable upgrade from the Samsung A51 and Huawei Y9 as they did not incorporate the technology at all.

TECNO CAMON 16 Premier supports high-definition picture quality and high frame rate video shooting with Super HIS and EIS+AIS. At the same time, with HIS hybrid intelligent anti-shake technology, you can easily shoot high-definition and smooth videos. Another advantage is that it supports 960 frames of super slow-motion shooting, thus expanding the joy of video shooting exponentially. The CAMON 16 Premier’s 8Gb of RAM helps a lot to accelerate the video processing time.

TECNO CAMON 16 Premier has a 48MP front camera, a 64MP rear camera, plus a variety of functions such as a 119° self-timer wide viewing angle, AI recognition and many more – all allowing users to maintain the best photo quality even in dark places. Such an advanced lens configuration makes the other phones appear inferior in comparison.

Battery life

TECNO CAMON 16 Premier comes with 4500mAh battery and a quick charge of up to 70% in just 30 minutes. This is an upgrade compared to the smaller 4000mAh capacity of Huawei Y9 and Samsung A51. The device comes with a Type-C fast charging capability inside its thin frame. With two types of charging options, TECNO has engineered the CAMON 16 to reduce overheating during fast-charge and lowered the surface temperature by two degrees.

Coupled with the fact that the charging process will automatically shut down before the battery is fully charged, this is a breakthrough in the industry integrated into the CAMON 16 to better protect the mobile phone and the user.

TECNO CAMON 16 Premier is excellent value for money, which is delightfully affordable for what it offers – an exquisite and well-crafted piece of technology, designed by the best minds focused on pushing the boundaries of mobile innovation.

As part of this year’s festive season celebration, TECNO has lined-up a promotion that will see five hundred (500) winners awarded special care packages after the successful purchase of the latest TECNO CAMON 16 premier. There will be 3000 bus tickets to be won by those who will purchase TECNO CAMON 16s during the said period whilst 1000 shopping vouchers will be up for grabs by Kenyans who will purchase the TECNO SPARK 5 PRO. The promotion ends on 31st December with a grand prize of Sh2.5 million to be won.

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