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A Tale Of LG’s Evolution Story, From Black and White To NanoCell Technology



Amongst many technologies world over, television is one that has evolved rapidly in 20th through to the 21st century as a result of market competition. This evolution has come a way long from huge boxes to flat screens with high definition display, which give more colourful experience than reality itself.

Since replacing radio as the most popular mass medium in the 1950s, television has played such an integral role in modern life that, for some, it is difficult to imagine being without it.

Both reflecting and shaping cultural values, television has at times been criticized for its alleged negative influences on children and young people and at other times lauded for its ability to create a common experience for all its viewers.

This led to a rise of many television makers globally producing sets annually since the advent of the tv golden age. It is on this backdrop that gave rise to LG, a global pioneer in the TV industry.

It may not be known to many, however, in1966, LG was the first to bring a locally produced television to the Korean market.54 years later, LG ultimately launched the world’s first HDR-capable 4K OLED TV and the flagship LG SIGNATURE OLED TV.

The technology has evolved a lot since the design and manufacture of the first Korean TV – a simple 19- inch device with a black- and-white screen (VD-191). Essentially, the first big televisions of the industry came from LG.

Since the introduction of the first Korean television, the Korean electronics industry has reached a whole new level. As of today many of the innovative LG technologies are found in households around the world. While LG with OLED TVs secured its place at the forefront of the global premium TV market, the outlook for the next 50 years looks even more positive than the first half century.

Only last year LG reached a milestone with 500 million sold branded TVs since the introduction of the first television. If it is taken into account that the production capacity was only 9,050 units in 1966, the increase in sales of LG TVs is enormous.

With their sleek, clean styling, LG TVs integrate beautifully with your home’s design. Patented technologies and innovative features allow our OLED & UHD televisions to deliver unbeatable detail, colour and contrast. LG digital televisions offer picture quality with infinite detail.

What distinguishes the LG OLED TV from other TV technologies is the ability to deactivate individual pixels. This results in a sharp image, in perfect black, with appealing colors and extraordinary contrast ratios. Due to the deep black shades, all other colors appear much more powerful and have more vitality as well infinitely variable light areas. With 10-bit computing power, the LG OLED TVs can display one billion colors with the finest details and color gradations. With the support of BT2020, the next generation for signal transmission, the LG OLED TVs will also be up to date in the future. With the introduction of the first complete OLED TV line-up at the CES 2012 LG received worldwide attention.

With this trend, and having a line of distinguished developers in its production line, LG may not be stopping any time soon in gifting the world with cutting edge tv technology and changing our watching experience. Lookup for our next article on NanoTechnology, its impact on Users, and how LG is leveraging on it to create game-changing appliances.

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