Continent’s First Pan-African Freelance Talent Marketplace is Born

Gebeya Team: Amadou Daffe CEO and Co-founder and Leul Girma Chief Operations Officer

Pan-African source for freelance professional talent, Gabeya Inc. has announced the launch of its revamped marketplace. Prior to investment, Gebeya operated mostly a manual non-scalable marketplace model.

The firm raised a $2M seed investment in Feb 2020, co-led by Partech and Orange Ventures and followed by Consonance Investment Managers, to set up the machine for scale, fully automated and digitized. 

The site connects Startups, Small and Medium Enterprises to professional talents from across the continent. It offers a self-service single gateway for clients to create a profile and gain instant access to pre-vetted, qualified talents offering professional services and ready to work. Gebeya customers can choose from remote or on-site talent in fields such as software development, graphic design, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, product development, and digital marketing.  

The sites boasts of features such as an intelligent matching algorithm that considers location, language, and budget; provides automated matching for a seamless experience on a single dashboard, the ability to create a profile and request talent at no cost; and an option to hire individual talent with specialized skills or build a core team.  

As companies embrace the need to stay on pace with an evolving global job market, Gebeya unlocks a new source of eager, available professional talents from across Africa.