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How 8K Technology in NanoCell TVs ensures the ultimate Gaming experience



With the recent announcement of the PlayStation 5 console coming out later in the year, gamers worldwide are quite excited. Not only that new games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Horizon Forbidden West will be dropping with the console late 2020 (December hopefully), but also that the content on the PS5 will be in 8K technology. There is no doubt that 8K is set to impact on the world of gaming, whether it is utilized on consoles or through PCs as seen with the yet to be released PS5.

What does this mean for gamers now? Are we ready for 8K gaming? The answer will be yes. The world is quite ready for 8K content as seen with the already created 8K TVs. Gamers will now be looking forward to crystal clear images and breathtaking graphics.

As the PlayStation Network prepares to wow us, users need to look for the right TV that will bring their gaming experience to life. Just imagine playing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 or The Last of Us 2 on an 8K TV.

With so many TV sets to choose from, finding the right one for gaming could prove to be difficult. From refresh rates and screen size to resolutions, these are some of the factors to consider when choosing the right display. It can be hugely frustrating, especially when playing battle royale games such as Tekken 7, where lagging can cost you a tournament. There isn’t a gamer out there who hasn’t been forced to rage quit due to tearing, stuttering or display lag.

LG’s 2020 NanoCell TVs is one of the finest options out there, if not their OLED TVs. Why? There latest sets come with 8K technology to give you the life-like gaming experience.

First, NanoCell TVs is the definition of real and natural colors to set you into the mode when playing Fifa 2021 in your living room. Thanks to 1nm particles that act as color purifiers to give you the finest picture quality. In addition to this feature, the TV full array dimming technology delivering those intense details and excellent contrast for more vivid scenes. This means you get to see those dark scenes on Uncharted 4 with no hustle.

Secondly, this TV model is supported by HDR10 and Dolby Vision to give you the best visual and audio cinematic experience. This delivers up to 120 frames per second for Full HD content and takes advantage of HDMI 2.1 specifications such as auto low latency mode, variable refresh rate and audio return channel. The features will create atmospheric depths within the games by changing the brightness or intensity on screen as seen in Call of Duty and Resident Evil 7, where the mood is set through cinematic scenes with dark and brooding colors.

Its excellent picture quality and freshly introduced gaming apps, LG’s 2020 NanoCell TVs offer the most smooth, interactive big-screen gaming experiences for those serious gamers.

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