Kenya Content Creators Share Health & Safety Tips As Covid-19 Concerns Grow


Amidst rising global concerns around coronavirus (COVID-19), we are seeing more and more Kenyans battening down the hatches to implement social-distancing in an effort to stop the spread of the virus. During this time of self-isolation, it is important now more than ever, that locals remain educated and alert about the health and safety options available to them. Thankfully, local content creators have stepped up to TikTok to share their own tips and tricks during these worrying times, some via the platform’s latest #WashingHands challenge.

Below, we’ve highlighted a few of our favourite, local videos:

TikTok, along with its community of talented creators, remains focused on supporting Kenyans by providing them with access to accurate information, in partnership with trusted local health officials, such as the World Health Organization, to serve the health and wellbeing of the community.

Within the app, users have full access to an informational page that provides credible information from the World Health Organization and contains answers to common questions, offers tips on staying safe, and dispels some of the myths around COVID-19.