Let your LG robot do the cleaning

To some people, cleaning is fun, to others cleaning is just an experience they cannot wait to get over and done with. Then we have those who go an extra mile and people prefer hiring other people to clean their places for them.

Cleanliness might be next to godliness but a cleaner environment is heaven itself. Thanks to smart technology, heaven has been brought a little closer. Imagine having a robot vacuum that will take care of your cleaning, reducing the tedious and time-consuming task of cleaning and leaving you enough free time to pursue other interests that you find more enjoyable and rewarding.

It is, therefore, no surprise that consumers are beginning seek convenience with performance as manufacturers see a shift from traditional canister and stick vacuum cleaners to robotic appliances. Today, robots vacuum cleaners account for 20 percent of all worldwide sales.

While earlier robotic vacuum cleaners were limited in suction power, edge-cleaning abilities and obstacle navigation, the latest models are able to do more than just clean, and with minimal human intervention.  They offer smart home connectivity, voice control, scheduled cleaning, hassle-free maintenance, intelligent navigation and much more.

““At LG we take tremendous pride in developing not only the best appliances but the smartest appliances as well. This lightweight, cordless and noise-free robot has the ability to not only recognize obstacles and chart the most efficient course around the home, but its ability to allow for human intervention,” says LG East Africa Marketing & Corporate Communications Manager Maureen Kemunto.

As a complete game changer, the LG HOM-BOT Turbo has gone further and given a solution most people crave for – cleaning in silence. With an innovative design that absorbs vibrations and reduces noise, it is completely noise-free making it one of the quietest robot vacuums in the market.

By delivering  the ultimate cleaning solution with its HOMBOT® Turbo+, LG has managed to  enable consumers to take control of their home and still have enough time to appreciate themselves and each other this Women’s Day.  Moreover, The HOM-BOT® Turbo+ comes with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa compatibility while providing real-time cleaning updates via video and activity logs. So you can even  “supervise” the cleaning from the comfort of your couch, with a bottle of wine in hand.   Can you think of a better gift to yourself? You know you deserve it!