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LG’s Gram Laptop makes it Easier for Aspiring Scholars



That 2019 is proving to be a whirlwind. We have already seen the talk on 5G, folding phone, smartphones with not one, not two, but five cameras.

Would you have ever thought that technological advancements, particularly the emergence of laptops and other connected devices, would have a big say in your education life?

Technology has gradually grown and is helping us structure our work and education schedules. This is a complete opposite of a few years ago when one had to sit for long hours in the library doing assignments, or even sit behind a pile of paperwork in the office.

The technological advancements achieved in the last decade has brought with it a revolution in not only the way we go about our work life but also our education.

Innovation on electronics and specifically laptops have made it quite more manageable to work from home, be it an assignment from the professional course you are doing or a job assignment.

Organizations are beginning to embrace the fact that people can work from a home office instead of having to commute daily. The advent of the internet has greatly enabled women to juggle between parenthood, professional work and still find time for further their education. One only needs to connected devices such as a laptop and reliable internet to catch up when it comes to reading materials and preparing for exams.

These developments have made telecommuting easier, especially for women, with most organizations willing to let their female employees occasionally do their work remotely. It is for this that LG is betting on the future home office with its brand of LG gram series laptops. With its 7th generation laptops, the Gram laptops have robust processing power that will handle even the most robust of assignments.

LG has built-in smart technology coupled with ultra-long battery life of up to 17.5 hours that ensures one can continue with your class work without having to worry about power connection hence making it easy to move around with, in the house. Its incredible lightweight means that you do not have to sweat about having a dedicated home office.

LG gram 17 transforms in a tablet, creating a perfect device you can either use in the classroom or when doing your course work revision, making studying a lot more effective.

“Our belief that all customers deserve the best technology possible has seen us, through constant research, bring to the market innovative and over-the-edge gadgets built for efficiency, reliability, and stamina,” says LG East Africa Marketing & Corporate Communications Manager Maureen Kemunto.


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