Local Artists And Content Creators Keep Kenyans Entertained amid COVID-19 crisis

As Kenya fights against COVID-19 and strongly encourages social-distancing and self-isolation, which was implemented in an effort to flatten the curve on coronavirus, Kenyans are looking online, now more than ever, for ideas around at-home activities and entertainment. 

TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile video, has launched its at-home series of challenges in collaboration with local celebs and a few of the platform’s favorite content creators. The series, which includes the #AtHomeWithMe, #HappyAtHome, #FitAtHome, aims to inspire creativity amongst as well as provide entertainment during these uncertain and challenging times.

Check out videos from the challenge series below:

Local celebs and musicians share #AtHomeWithMe moments on TikTok:

  • Maurine king’ori forms a music band with family and they dance their hearts out. She also shows us how much time we have that can be put into good use like reading, taking care of nails and playing with pets. Check her videos here:

Content creators show us that staying at home does NOT have to be boring via #HappyAtHome challenge:

Who said complicated equipment is needed for workouts to stay active during these times? Try these basic #FitAtHome workouts that a few TikTok ladies participated in: