Nokia 1 Plus hands-on review 


Nokia 1 Plus is an upgraded version of last year’s Nokia 1 and has come with incremental spec improvements. This phone is a novelty, and as much as its specs will not impress someone who has experienced other pricier phones when compared to other budget phones, it is by far superior.

With Nokia 1 Plus; you will not get a smartphone that competes with higher-priced mid-range options in the market right now, but for sure, you will get value for your money.

Design and display 

Nokia 1 Plus has a significantly less bezel and more display, with a more rectangular frame compared to Nokia 1. Its predecessor’s white frame is gone, too.

The phone looks and feels like a design punching above its weight, with an 8.55mm thickness which is about 12 per cent slimmer than Nokia 1.

The phone has an excellent texture for grip and has a vertical speaker slot on its lower-right backside along with a power button on the phone’s right side.

The phone has a micro USB port on the bottom for recharging – sadly; this model isn’t high-enough budget to warrant a USB-C port.

Nokia 1 Plus’ removable rear covers can be swapped, allowing you to rotate between its three colour options – black, red and blue – if you opt to purchase alternative back plates.

 Nokia 1 Plus camera and specs 

The Nokia 1 Plus has an 8MP single rear camera, with autofocus and flash, along with a 5MP front-facing camera, which are both higher megapixel count than found in last year’s model.

The phone has a 2,500mAh removable battery, and sports a basic MediaTek Quad Core 1.5Ghz processor to power the phone’s operations and interface. It has a 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage, which is be barely enough for the operating system and a few GB of space left over for photos and other media. There is a microSD slot too, allowing you to build on the space inside the phone.