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Optiven Launches Chatbot As It Embraces Automation In Key Expansion Plan

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ward winning real estate company, Optiven Real Estate yesterday (Monday) launched it’s chatbot dubbed AMANI. The revolutionary bot is expected to meet customer expectations in terms of provision of timely and updated information with regard to the Optiven Real Estate portfolio.

With the new development, Optiven becomes the first real estate company to launch a BOT.
Members of the public in attendance had an opportunity to interact with Amani at the launch held yesterday at the Serena hotel, Nairobi.

Mr George Wachiuri, the Chief Executive at the Optiven Group graced the occasion and noted that the move to have AMANI the BOT was paramount as the company moves to embrace creativity, innovation, and automation.

Wachiuri said, “the place of chatbots in the corporate space is a new concept that is set to revolutionize how companies communicate and as Optiven, we are glad to be at the lead of this revolution.

For us it is a step towards meeting customer expectations and doing so in advance as majority of the customers are demanding quick forms of communication and at their convenience, which is what AMANI provides. ”

Optiven which is currently on a vast expansion journey is among the businesses that continues to be customer-centric while working around obstacles to ensure their customers receive bespoke experiences in their interactions.

The company has been awarded for it’s role in embracing both technology and innovation in it’s operations as it goes green.

Chatbots have taken on a number of roles in the modern workplace including acting as a guide to company protocols to recording answers for screen questions, to assisting the process of onboarding new strategies, indeed chatbots are now taking charge of corporate communications and helping telemarketers save time and fix more complicated issues.

Optiven then joins blue chip companies in the region as they move to boost incomes through making the lives of their customers easier, safer and more enjoyable through use of AMANI BOT. Key to note is that the consumer market has in the recent years learned to communicate around the clock especially for those in different time zones.

In an interview during the launch, Wachiuri added, “there are many ways that AMANI by Optiven can be an experiential ally for our customers. For starters it offers deep insights that allow corporations to make personalized offers for example.

AMANI in particular with allow our customers to get information they need whenever they need it as a solution to their information needs. ”

Top brands across sectors continue to bank up efforts to create chatbot platforms in a bid to keep up with the rapidly changing technological world.

For Kenya in particular, the technology space has experienced a huge surge in the development of artificial intelligence and continues to create conversational Artificially Intelligent powered tools that will help customers navigate through digital content with ease.

Like AMANI chatbots have been proven to be very helpful in the creation of a powerful brand image and will continue to evolve and play a vital role in customer service for all different types of businesses.

Global Trends on Bots In an effort to stand out and get into the spotlight, businesses have already started their research on Natural Language Processing (NLP).

The aim is to understand and send accurate responses to customers’ inquiries.

Apart from addressing common problems & answering customer queries, BOTS are used to communicate and finish tasks or transactional functions.

Today, customers want to consume information rapidly and are increasingly shifting to voice search given the technological advancements, and hence, now, messaging platforms that have both voice and text-based programs are becoming a preferred method to engage and connect .

Chatbots are making their way into a number of different sectors real estate notwithstanding.

Now more than ever, chatbots are now ready to communicate with target markets by speaking with them in complete sentences which have a natural and easy-going conversational flow.

All in all, the time has come to engage and interact with BOTS


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