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Reasons to invest in LG’s NanoCell TV



Buying a new or upgrading your TV is a huge investment hence you require one that not only looks but also sounds amazing and is built to last. LG’s NanoCell models are the pinnacle of LED TVs, designed for the future as much as today.

LG NanoCell TVs are the best options in the Kenyan market if you are looking to explore and experience explosive fight scenes, spectacular song-and-dance sequences and net-busting, chest-thumping goals. These TVs are designed to capture every frame of the action in incredibly deep detail.

We’ve highlighted reasons that demonstrate why you need to get yourself the 2020 NanoCell TV now:

  • Fast-paced sport runs smoothly

When watching motor racing or playing a fast-paced game like NFS The Run on your TV, the action can be moving so fast it seems your screen can’t keep up leading to a slight blurring effect. Thanks to the powerful a7 Gen 3 and α7 Gen 3 processors, LG Nano Cell TVs are capable of displaying fast-moving sport scenes without blurring. While regular LED TV can broadcast at 30-60fps, the NanoCell TVs handles up to 120fps ensuring you don’t miss a thing.

  • Unlimited 4K and 8K content at your fingertips

Kenyan customers stand assured that can enjoy content from various VOD services such as Netflix, Hulu, Showmax, Apple TV+ and Disney+ in superb ultra HD quality. This is because the NanoCell TVs come with these app readily installed on the Launcher. Netflix and YouTube are leaders when it comes to producing 4K and 8K ready content while the other platforms will provide in HD that the NanoCell can upgrading to give the best 4K and 8K picture formats.

  • Wide viewing angles for perfecting game nights

With the ongoing UEFA Champions League, you will definitely be inviting your besties for match viewing. Normally, people viewing on a regular TV from the side do experience distorted colors. However, this will not be the case with the LG’s NanoCell TV as picture quality is retained even at a 90° angle. With pixels so close together, colors remain accurate, natural, and consistent across the whole screen despite where you and your pals sit. With wide viewing angle and real like colors, the pitch remains an even, bright green and players’ jerseys richly detailed.

  • Atmospheric movie experience with Full Array Dimming

When you’re watching an atmospheric movie like Pacific Rim or Pirates of the Caribbean, with dark cityscapes or stormy seas where lights are low and tense moods. On ordinary LED TVs the action on screen tends to appear more grey than black due use of backlight to recreate the imaging. This can lead to what’s called light bleed, when light is not completely blocked. With LG’s NanoCell TV, there is greater control over its backlight thanks to Full Array Dimming feature is found on the 2020 NanoCell models. Hundreds of tiny LEDs directly behind the picture separate the screen into zones that can be controlled individually realizing dark scenes to appear truly black, not grey.

  • Cinematic sound experience of Dolby Atmos®

With LG NanoCell TVs being compatible with Dolby Atmos®, the future of home cinematic experiences, this ensures that your TV sounds flow around you to give you a deep experience of the ongoing actions in your favorite movie titles. In order to further your stay at home cinematic experience, users are encouraged to combine with LG’s Supreme Soundbars with upward firing speakers that bounce sound off your ceiling.

  • Get the best from HDR content

HDR (or high dynamic range) works hand in hand with 4K and 8K technology to transform the experience of watching TV and movies at home. The video format has already been embraced by streaming sites such as Netflix. The NanoCell TV’s being compatible with most video formats such as HDR 10, Dolby Vision and HLG, users are assured of views with brighter whites, deeper blacks, and all the nuanced shades in between. This is in addition to the NanoCell screen technology and Full Array Dimming features that are the perfect platform for the added detail and color of HDR.

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