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Simple Ways to Make Mom Feel Special this Mother’s Day



With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to get creative and start thinking about gift ideas and fun activities to show Mom how loved and appreciated she is. And while one day a year is not enough to properly celebrate our mothers, it is the perfect opportunity to do something special for a truly special person.

A great option, and possibly one that isn’t often considered, are smart home appliances or AI-equipped devices as an ideal present for Mom’s big day, offering a unique way to show how much you care while making life easier for her at the same time.

  1. A thoughtful gift that is also practical

Gifts, while not everything, can be a nice way to express your heartfelt gratitude to Mom. Something she can both enjoy and make practical use of will always be well received. You might be thinking about an item she’s long wanted for a favorite hobby or a present that can help her start a brand-new one.

For the avid reader, an Amazon Kindle is a great choice, while a mom interested in wellness may love a Fitbit or a VegeBox Indoor Hydroponic Garden. A Spotify Premium subscription could be just the gift for a mom that loves listening to music.

Another option is a smart speaker like the LG XBOOM AI ThinQ, which not only serves up high-end audio (great for Spotify playlists and podcasts) but also enables easy control and monitoring of other AI devices and appliances in the home, including the TV, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner and thermostat. Able to understand verbal commands and requests, the speaker lets Mom effortlessly select and play her favorite songs, search for answers to practically any question she may have, and manage everyday tasks all from one place.

  • A perfect afternoon to herself

Everyone needs some alone time, and that includes Mom! Give her a peaceful afternoon to enjoy her hobbies whether it be practicing yoga or watching a movie.

Smart TVs like LG’s latest AI-infused models can quickly find a selection of yoga instruction videos for Mom to choose from and follow along with, or recommend movies based on her favorite actors or genres. LG’s TVs can further enhance the viewing experience by sensing ambient light levels and automatically adjusting brightness for the best contrast and colors any time of day or night.

Or, if outdoors is more to your mom’s liking, create a backyard oasis complete with a comfortable lawn lounger and cozy blanket and pillow. Then set her up with some true wireless earbuds such as a set of LG’s outstanding TONE Free models. Should the battery run low after many hours of listening to music and enjoying the outside air, she can simply place the earbuds in the UVnano Charging Case to recharge and refresh (the case uses UV light to remove bacteria from the earbuds) while she enjoys her cool beverage with a book.

  • Tidy the home for an ideal day

Get the chores done and out of the way so the house is in perfect shape for a celebration. To conquer all of the tasks that need doing quickly, and with confidence, an app like the LG ThinQ App for smartphones can be a big help.

Connecting wirelessly with LG’s smart appliances, the app lets you set the laundry going, get last night’s dishes clean and have the robot vacuum cleaner take care of any crumbs or dust on the floor in far less time than if you were to run from room to room doing it all yourself. The app is also useful for staying on top of household inventory, keeping track of and reordering key supplies like laundry detergent.

Speaking of laundry, smart washing machines like LG’s washer with AI Direct Drive can automatically discern the softness of garments and select the optimal cycle for each load to prevent fabric damage, so you don’t accidentally ruin Mom’s favorite shirt.

  • Treat her to a lovely dinner at home

Want to surprise Mom with a perfect home-cooked dinner but are worried your culinary skills aren’t up to scratch? LG’s smart ovens with ThinQ technology can help, thanks to several intelligent features and compatibility with a range of smart recipe apps including Innit and SideChef. Once you’ve found a suitably delicious dish, the app provides easy-to-follow instructions while the oven preheats itself to the right temperature.

As the food cooks, you can track its progress via smartphone as you simultaneously set the table and set a pleasant mood by asking the LG XBOOM AI ThinQ speaker to dim the lights and play one of your mom’s favorite artists.

  • Three words, eight letters

Last but certainly not the least, here’s the simplest, quickest and most important thing you can do! It can be slightly embarrassing if not difficult to actually voice our feelings and appreciation, but simply saying those three special words is one of the most heartfelt ways to express your love for Mom.

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