Smart and Connected Homes: Looking into Smart TVs


Kenya has 36 Million, internet/ data subscriptions, according the Communications Authority sector statistics report for Q3 1st January – 31st March 2018. This shows growth in access to the internet and not forgetting that 90% of these subscriptions are via the mobile phone. That leaves the 10% of those accessing the internet via a smart device. Common smart devices shared in the home with the family could be a PC or lately a smart television that all have access to.

Digital migration that took place in 2015 made many Kenyans adopt more digital devices to access terrestrial television stations. The past two years have marked the increase in sale and adoption of smart televisions that are internet enabled. This has come at a time that consumers are looking for more variety in terms of what to watch and controlling what you watch, as you demand it.


One time you can be entertaining guests and get on YouTube via your Television to play some music background. Having access to the internet means consumers can now stay updated real time as movies and series are up loaded online. The Internet also enables us to stay connected by accessing global news that you can watch conveniently on your TV.

Many Kenyan families are watching the news via their smart TV, which says goodbye to subscriptions to pay TV and a big hello to the World Wide Web, catering for you and your family. The amount of content shared and created online thanks to Google creators and filmmakers is nothing short of amazing.

To enjoy this experience you need a television that is not only smart not just in terms of getting the internet connectivity but also having advanced smart technology. LG is taking leadership in taking smart TVs to the next level. LG is collaborating with Google Assistant to give their Televisions an Artificial Intelligence fueled edge.

Imagine a TV that has a predictive feature where it can schedule the music and Television shows you watch consistently based on your past behavior. Your Television knows that Saturday morning the family would like to watch child friendly shows and based on your recent searches the TV plays music and cartoons that you enjoy. This platform is consumer – oriented giving new levels of control to the consumer, enabling 2018 LG TVs to deliver an intuitive AI experience.

I like the idea of issuing voice commands from connected devices like my phone to my Television. Google Assistant is a brilliant idea and allows the owner of the LG smart TV to make easier searches moving from how we currently search by typing what we want to watch then click the search button on the screen. Smart brings convenience into the home, smart brings AI to life, I endorse the move in technology and cannot wait to see the next frontier as technology evolves and more adoption of smart Television takes place. Also seriously thinking about purchasing that LG Think smart TV.

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