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The power of AI in LG’s NanoCell TV



The world is continuously embracing Artificial Technology in every day from social media ad social media to offline experiences that occur in your very home.

As customer expectations and preferences continue to evolve, consumer electronics companies are embrace artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to give next-gen smart products. Companies such as LG are now offering real value and delightful experiences to users with AI powered home appliances and electronics including within their TV sets.

LG’s NanoCell models which are AI TVs act as a portal to a brave new world with crisp picture and sound quality, digital assistants and other smart features.

You may be wondering why you would want or need a TV with artificial intelligence and how the NanoCell TV has got you covered. Here are some of the justifications:

  • The pixel-perfect sports action in every light

As we head into the La Liga and UEFA football seasons, you need to the right TVs to get the best out of the chest-thumping goals period. With some matches occurring in the late afternoons, having sunlight streaming into your living room can be a huge bummer for you and the houseguests.

Thanks to AI Brightness, LG’s NanoCell TVs will optimise the action on screen based on the level of light in your room. This ensures users to view every image with incredible contrast, detail and depth of colour no matter the weather and time of day.

  • Getting your current and future TV favourites

Just like that trusted partner who shares your taste in movies and TV titles, TVs with artificial intelligence are capable of searching for your favourite actors, titles and genres to create personalised content recommendations for you and your family.

The AI-powered voice control (enhanced by Intelligent Voice Recognition) on your Magic Remote will ensure NanoCell TV users are assured of getting their favorite content on screen.

  • Keeping up with your sports alert

AI Technology has always helped us to get the football results when doing web searches. From finding the right frequency on the wireless, to watching the results come in on TV. 

The Sports alert on the NanoCell TV allows you to register your favorite teams (football, basketball, rugby, baseball), get alerts on any live match and updates as the game continues as you watch other content.

  • Ask questions about the movie or TV show you’re watching

When you have your parents or family members over for the weekend, and they keep talking when and asking questions during the movie viewing especially on how it end. They can instead ask your TV rather than bothering you.

Thanks to the Intelligent Voice Recognition, users can just press ‘hold’ on the LG Magic Remote microphone button and say question aloud.

  • Dim the lights to set the mood

During movie nights with family or friends, you always want them to get best cinematic experience. If you live in a smart home with smart light bulbs, you can adjust their brightness with your NanoCell TV.

Powered by AI ThinQ, the NanoCell TV can serve as the control centre for your smart home. Users can also manage other smart appliances within the houses including fridges and washing machines, enabling you to multitask without leaving your comfy sofa.

  • The ultimate sound experience that knows no bounds

On your standard LED TV, sound quality can make even the most dramatic scenes in your favorite shows on Netflix feel dull and meaningless. This is because the audio is projected within a straight line and watered down by the obstacles in your room before it reaches your ears.

However, with LG NanoCell TVs, the audio flows around the room, encasing you in the action on screen thanks to the AI Sound feature. This feature identifies the audio sources in the TV or film you’re watching, upgrading you to virtual 5.1 surround sound and giving you the ultimate cinematic sound effects from behind.

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