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What defines a television?



Gone are the days when people used to own just any television set. There has been a massive evolution in the viewing industry and television sets are not what they used to be.  A television is not just an abstract device placed in front of an idle wall.

Currently, a TV is defined by the quality of its pictures. Consumers are no longer content with mediocre quality screens showing faint and blurred images.

Manufacturers of television sets, aware of this important component , are increasingly coming up with television sets that have  the best quality picture, giving the viewer the clarity he/she deserves with the original colors as though in real life.

The viewing sector has advanced in the evolution journey on how the resolution in TVs and the picture qualities are set. 20 years ago, having a TV that gives one all the clarity with high resolution was a pipe dream.

Not so long ago, having a TV was a luxury for many. Most TVs then were plasma TVs and would call a significant dent in someone’s pockets upon purchase.

Currently, televisions are relatively affordable and the quality of the gadgets is on a whole different level, thanks to competition among manufacturers.

The last few years have seen the emergence of curved screens, high dynamic range (HDR), smart TVs, OLED TVs, and 4K.

“The mid 2000s saw popularity of affordable 40-inch LCDs grow among consumers. By the end of the decade, LCD HDTVs were outselling traditional cathode ray tube (CRT) TVs as well as plasma TVs. Post HDTVs,  as consumers were demanding for something new, at LG we had already developed newer technologies ,” states Maureen Kemunto, LG East Africa Assistant Marketing Director.

LG Electronics has for decades stamped its authority as an electronics giant around the world with a series of its television sets sweeping across the world and winning various accolades.

The majority of LG OLED Televisions are equipped with ThinQ, an artificial intelligence mechanism making them easy for consumers to interact with.

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