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What Is Your Cleaning Schedule Like This February?



Nobody loves to stay in dirty environment. They say cleanliness is next to God himself. In fact, when people first set foot in your living room, the first thing that they do is to “scan” the environment to find out how clean it is.

As much as most people would love to stay in a house that is always clean, a majority of them find it tiring and time consuming to keep one’s living room clean. It is true that most people hire others to do the cleaning for them as they sit and relax.

But what is cleaning was part of the relaxation that someone needs? What if cleaning your house was part of your relaxing home cleaning that you will always look forward to? What if home cleaning is something that does not make you tired?

Is your loved one always struggling to keep the house clean? How long do they spend on home cleaning? What plans do you have for them this Valentine’s to make sure that they actually fall in love with what they do?

What if you bought them something that will make their home cleaning an experience to always yearn for? During this month of love, especially on the day of 14th, surprise them with an LG vacuum and see how they will beam with joy and happiness.

The LG CordZero™ A9 Cordless Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner delivers impressive suction power, long-lasting battery life and cordless portability for the quickest, most convenient cleaning experience.

Its direct drive motor lifts dust and dirt from the carpet with ease thanks to the power deriving from the durable Smart Inverter Motor™. Amazing. Right?

The pinnacle of the LG CordZero™ range is the Robot Vacuum ThinQ™ R9, perfect for people who hate cleaning. They will actually have no excuse of not having a perfect home cleaning. Can you imagine having a vacuum cleaner that recognizes objects, define space through learning as well as obeying commands through voice? Wow! Can you just imagine you talking to your vacuum and it literally obeys you?

This amazing vacuum also offers a Home Guard feature that can detect unusual motion in the home while you’re away. Can you imagine that? It is like you have left someone at home, keeping guard of your house.

Home cleaning goes hand in hand with your schedule for keeping your clothes clean. You are what you wear. Right? This Valentine’s Day, you may be planning to buy your loved ones a piece of cloth that will leave them looking spectacular. What happens when the clothes become dirty? They will need cleaning. Right?

You actually need to try out LG’s wide selection of premium and smart washing machines ensure clothes are well taken care of. The washing machines from LG are so efficient that they free up time to spend with others.

Have you ever used the LG’s TurboWash™ machines that are built for speed, cutting the time of a regular wash cycle while also saving energy and water? What about the LG TWINWash™ that saves even more time by handling two loads at once so there’s no need to delay a date or family outing? Top-of-the-range models with ThinQ add more convenience with status updates sent to your phone, the ability to start and stop cycles and schedule maintenance from any place.

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