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In today’s fast-paced business world, companies are under mounting pressure to gain a stronger foothold in the market. As industries experience intense competition, businesses are aggressively looking for more opportunities. Their approaches to this end include completely revamping their business models. These companies seek to reinforce the chief parts of existing products, many of their newer products being significant improvements over their predecessors with new features or improved performance. Such upgrades help the company gain key growth momentum by offering new value sufficient for generating additional revenue.

New products and services are the lifeblood of any company. Otherwise, the company experiences profit loss or is absorbed by another competitor. Companies have little choice but to grow and improve if they want to move from survival to thriving. The new products and services created and provided by these companies provide the mechanism for this growth and improvement.

The HVAC sector is no stranger to this corporate trend, as many manufacturers face fiercer market competition. LG Electronics, a proven leader in the sector, consistently implements R&D to gain technological competitiveness in the HVAC industry. With its inverter compressor which has been widespread in use to raise the company’s capabilities, LG seeks to deliver more efficient, alternative compressor technologies to offer the best possible HVAC solutions. Such dedication has produced an innovative compressor solution that effectively brings out the best in existing compressor systems, pushing the boundaries of technology.

Considering the rising customer preference for smaller but faster compressors, LG has fundamentally altered its compressor through a cutting-edge shaft-through structure and bottom compression technology. The conventional top compression function positions the compression segment on the top of the shaft, which suffers from tilt issues if the rotor operates at low velocity when a system runs low-load air conditioning. In order to compensate for this issue, a conventional compressor must apply back pressure to the orbiting scroll (of the compression part) to reduce friction loss.

Eliminating the tilting issue, the new bottom compression and shaft-through structure ensures highly stable operation even during low-load condition and further boosts operating efficiency. Under this structure developed by LG’s time-tested HVAC expertise, LG R1 compressor offers unparalleled performance and lower energy consumption for quality and user satisfaction that top those of its competitors.

In addition, LG’s new R1 compressor is 20 percent lighter than a conventional one; this leads to the lighter outdoor unit, making installation easier. The wider operating range of 10~150Hz trumps that of a conventional compressor, which goes up to only 100Hz. Due to its expanded range, LG’s HVAC solutions using R1 compressor are optimized for an array of cooling and heat-load operations including a variety of part-load conditions. Moreover, the compressor features higher energy efficiency of up to SEER 20 percent for cooling and SCOP 13 percent for heating.

LG has created a new category through innovative features in compressor technology. Fusing such innovative features with its exclusive technology, LG offers a solution for those who value overall excellence in performance. This innovative compressor delivers a wide range of benefits, including higher efficiency and convenience, and demonstrates LG’s undisputed place among the world’s best HVAC companies.

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