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MCAs blame Governor Mung’aro and businessman Alinoor clash over stalled county activities



Power battles in Kilifi County could get out of control after it emerged that a section of MCAs are not happy with Governor Gideon Mung’aro’s move to centralise financial service.

The MCAs are also blaming the governor, notorious business man and cartel Mr. Alinoor Mohammed Ali alias Alinoor Maghufuli Alinoor for colluding to steal from the county.

They are also linking the two to the planned move to kick out speaker Teddy Mwambire in favor of Kayafungo Ward MCA Agnes Sidi.

The new development has drawn discontent from MCAs of Kilifi South, Ganze,and Malindi Sub-Counties who are now  planning to demonstrate against the Governor .

Also in the mix are Martin Mwaro who is Currently chief officer in the executive office of Governor and Acting County secretary Kilifi and the CECM finance Yahya Shoshi Ahmed who was Mung’aro’s  CDF manager.

When he took over,Mung’aro replaced the qualified and licensed Finance and Accounting practitioners CPA Samuel Kombe CECM finance and CPA Ben Kai Chilumo chief officer Finance with  officers like Yahya Shoshi Ahmed and  Winnie Wakati as Chief Officer Finance who capabilities are in question
 “Ali noor and Matano are the ones advising Governor on how they can source and milk the county resources,” one of the MCAs who sought anonymity said.

They claim that the mysterious chain of events within the executive can be linked to the move to kick out speaker Mwambire who has already shown that he is going to be hard nut to crack.

Some of the MCAs are set to visit senator Madzayo over the same for the matter to be raised in the senate.

The battle took a more tribal angle after Garreh council of elders  were reportedly advised  by Somalis who residing outside Mandera to be worry of one Mr Alinoor Mohammed Ali.

It is believed that Alinoor who previously served in the finance department in Mandera County told Mung’aro that it’s easy to manage one chief officer than the 10 centers of expenditures within the various departments at the county.

“All these scripts are done with the sole purpose of stealing public resources in a disguised professional but mischievous manner,” the source added.

The MCAs claim that Mr Alinoor enjoys massive support within EACC with the current regional Deputy Director in-charge of Upper coast region heavily mentioned.

They have questioned the decision by the governor to appoint an officer who is not a member of ICPAK and does not possess the license to practice as a financial manager.

“Is this a scheme to either have Alinoor employed after Winnie Wakati the current chief officer Finance gets fired or transferred to another department,” they questioned.

It is believed that the whole scheme could end up with Agnes Sidi being appointed speaker to help protect the interest of the governor and Alinooor but the MCAs have vowed to block it.

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