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Domestic Insurance Package Solutions to Help You Bounce Back

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Ever been in a situation where you live on an estate and the water is not running frequently on the taps? Blame it on the water rationing or the landlord who claims the water levels on the borehole have gone low so there need to be time schedules when the water is available. Most of the time you are not sure if you have left the taps open or not. Often at times as you leave the house you often take a step back to check if all the taps are closed.

Then one day you somehow forget the kitchen tap because you had tried to check if there is water for you to wash some fruits you wanted to pack to the office. You come back home in the evening telling yourself how you will change your work clothes and quickly switch to your gym gear. You open the front door and it’s obviously dark because you always ensure that your lights are out before you leave. The electricity bill is crazy in the country, and you always want to monitor your tokens meter.

You remove your shoes and quickly get in and the first sensation on your feet is wetness and it dawns on you that your worst fears have come to pass. You had power cable extensions on the floor because most rental houses have one power port per room if you are lucky you might have two or three. So those power extensions are now spoilt, that is irreversible.

You always iron your clothes in the morning, so the iron box was on the floor near your bed and that too is damaged. It’s a cold season and your electric heater was on the floor that too is spoilt. Of course, the slippers, soap dishes and your kitten plate that you place on the kitchen balcony are all floating. The electronics i.e., fridge, cooker, microwave you cannot touch with the fear of getting an electric shock. The situation is a mess!

I cannot overemphasize the need for a domestic insurance package which is offered by Xplico Insurance Company Limited which would help you recover from the losses after such an unfortunate situation. The cover includes the owner’s liability and can be extended to cover domestic workers injury/death arising out of and in the course of duties as well as portable items under all risks.

Take the policy today because tomorrow’s happenings are not guaranteed!

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