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Kenya to fete public servants at inaugural conference

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Kenya’s public sector is preparing for the inaugural continental public sector conference scheduled to be held later from 19th to 22nd July this year at the Emara Ole Sereni Hotel in Nairobi.

Themed Towards a Digitized, Green and Resilient Economy, the conference also includes an awards ceremony during which outstanding public servants will be recognized.

In a statement from its head office, the firm organizing the milestone Africa Public Sector Conference & Awards (APSCA 2023) edition stated that the event is designed to explore digital trends, innovative ideas, government policies on digital economy, clean energy and best practices that are transforming service delivery and shaping the next generation of public bodies across Africa.

“The public sector is faced with increasing pressure to evolve and to offer more customer-centric services, especially at a time when citizen awareness has become a powerful force, due to greater understanding of their rights and responsibilities of public servants,” said Akin Naphtal, the CEO of Instinctwave. He noted that at the same time, citizens today have better access to information through technology and higher expectations of service levels from public organizations.

This 4th edition of the Africa Public Sector Conference & Awards will also feature an award dinner that will honour, recognize, outstanding public sector agencies and individuals in various capacities of government who have demonstrated excellence and championed transformations and innovation their respective fields.

The awards will go through a stringent judging process by a panel comprising of esteemed practicing and retired public servants from across Sub Saharan Africa. Entries are open to all public sector agencies and private organisations providing solutions to government agencies and ministries.

Naphtal pointed out that public servants and their institutions need to be shown that the citizens recognize their exemplary work. This way they are motivated to do better.

“Achieving a resilient and sustainable economy will take a collective commitment by stake holders and public sector decision makers in partnership with development organizations and the private sector to massively scale up resources dedicated to building the foundations of a vibrant, inclusive and safe digital economy throughout the continent. We are confident that APSCA 2023 provides a platform through which Kenya can further develop its public sector leaders and empower them to push the frontiers of innovation so that the country can own its 21st century,” he added. 

The conference, which is powered by Public Sector Global magazine, is expected to bring together all levels of government from across the continent to network, connect, showcase international and local case studies and learn from each other to be more citizen-centric, innovative, transformative and sustainable.

“After hosting the previous editions in Rwanda and Ghana, we are excited to be bringing APSCA to Kenya,” said Naphtal.

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