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Moët & Chandon commemorates togetherness after months isolation

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From coast to coast, toast to toast, Moët & Chandon celebrated this year’s Moët Grand Day with an unforgettable ‘Toast to Togetherness’ uniting stars across the African Continent on Champagne Day. 

After what’s been a challenging year and at a time when individuals, communities and nations have never felt more disconnected, the 2020 Moët Grand Day ‘Toast to Togetherness’ stood as a reminder to champagne fans throughout Africa, that even the smallest moments of victory, achievement and success are worth celebrating.   

  This year’s grand toast was led by stars across the region – chosen and admired for their unique contributions to both their nations and their pride in Africa. Guests spanned an impressive spectrum from musicians to moguls to mavens and mentors – talent all united in this moment of celebration. Indeed, personalised Moët & Chandon, hand-delivered along with gold glasses, popped across the continent. 

“Moët Grand Day has been celebrated worldwide since 2016, with glamorous large-scale experiences. With sensitivity to the current time, our hope with this year’s Moët Grand Day ‘Toast to Togetherness’ was to celebrate the talent and promise that exists across this magnificent continent, with more intimate experiences filled with the same joie de vivre. And to offer those who proudly fly the African flag, a moment to pause, and toast to moments and milestones worth celebrating,” says Pascal Asin, Managing Director Moët Hennessy Africa & Middle East.   

  Moēt Grand Day ‘Toast to Togetherness’ celebrations took many forms – guests celebrated at intimate gatherings – with stylish soirées at home; toasting to sunsets or dining al fresco with friends. Stars, dressed in dazzling gold, all raised their glasses in celebration at 17:43 as the sunset on Champagne Day 2020, a fitting and significant date for this years’ experience.
 Stars from Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Cameroon, DR Congo and Ivory Coast all joined in the evening’s celebrations. Award-Winning Kenyan actress Catherine Kamau, Theatre and screen actress Foi Wambui, C.E.O African Elite PR Lucia Musau from Kenya, SA’s Boity Thulo, versatile television personality, and Maps Maponyane, philanthropist, entrepreneur, among many others raised a glass, in a grand toast across continents.  

  This year’s ‘Toast to Togetherness’ served once again to explain why Moët & Chandon remains the world’s most loved champagne. Indeed, since 1743 the renowned Maison has combined ‘savoir-faire’ (know-how) with the art of the fête. And it is this very ‘savoir-fête’ that has made their champagnes the ideal choice for those wishing to toast to intimate moments, to important milestones and everything in between. 

And what better way to toast to connection across countries on a momentous occasion like Champagne Day than with Moët & Chandon, a champagne House associated with the celebration of success and of life’s most memorable moments for over 275 years.   

  Most importantly, the 2020 Moët Grand Day ‘Toast to Togetherness’ stood as a reminder that champagne always has the ability to elevate life beyond the ordinary. That despite the uncertainties we face, we can and should still toast to personal moments that matter and create memories that last a lifetime.

 As we fast approach the end of the year and the promise of the festive season awaits us, Moët & Chandon fans worldwide are invited to join the celebrations, whether at home or at intimate gatherings with loved ones. After all, if there’s one thing that reminds one of celebration, it has to be the popping of a cork.   


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