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  • Shot in the arm for film studies in Kenya as Ovotox eye new deal

Shot in the arm for film studies in Kenya as Ovotox eye new deal

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Creative multimedia higher institute of learning, Ovotox International School (OIS) has announced plans to partner with renowned world film makers such as New York Film Academy to strengthen its media studies with a wider view to boost local talent.

The institution’s founder and Managing Director Tonnie Kamau in an interview said that talks regarding such partnerships are in the pipeline and will go a long way in impacting student skills as well as offer much-needed exposure to potential future employers.

“Ovotox International School is eyeing international partnerships as well as local partners to enhance service delivery, we want to equip our students with requisite skills needed in their daily activity while also exposing them to the World,” said Kamau.

Ovotox Managing Director Tonnie Kamau

Adding that,” the partnership with New York film academy will enhance students’ exposure to the international film making standards.”

Kenya’s Film and Television Production Industry boasts some of the classiest post-production facilities and offers a pool of skilled technicians and crew.

Over the last decade the industry has invested considerably in keeping the facilities up-to-date with the latest in film and television technology resulting in more foreign as well as domestic producers choosing to complete productions in Kenya.

Ovotox International School has also partnered with Conflux Ai (A Technology partner) to provide proper education and power creative not only for creative industry but help them dominate world industries and is the first school in the country to offer Creative Multimedia Diploma courses with the integration of Artificial intelligence to Fuel the Demand for Digital Revolution.

“By cultivating both artistic and academic excellence in a diverse environment, Ovotox builds the confidence and enthusiasm required for an accomplished creative future with the crew, guilds, unions, and economic development officials” added Kamau.

The school boasts as the only institution in the history of Kenya to ever incorporate its students in the production of a series dubbed TEKE. TEKE series aims to air into the international platforms to expose the student into the international market.

Such deals are further expected to offer scholarships to African learners while at the same time providing them with marketable skills in the diverse and fast growing industry.

New York Film Academy – School of Film and Acting (NYFA) is a US-based film company whose programs include filmmaking, producing, screenwriting, cinematography, digital editing, documentary film, acting for film, 3D animation and visual effects, photography, game design, musical theatre, graphic design, and virtual reality, among others.

Mr Kamau said that the school has developed an education program that provides valuable information and training opportunities tailored to interest everyone from industry newbie to the seasoned veteran.

“Course participants explore important topics in greater depth including the business aspects of film production, effective marketing techniques, economic development impact and reporting, and the importance of alliances with top industry players,” he said.


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