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StarTimes GO unveils latest shaving technology on e-platform

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Do you prefer shaving from home or having your own shaver while visiting your regular barbershop? To maintain that clean shave, you can now acquire the all new Enchen BlackStone3 shaver that is currently available on StarTimes GO shopping platform.

Here are a few tips on how best to identify a perfect shaver to meet all your shaving needs while at home or on business travel.

StarTimes GO brings a best choice for shaving, the Black stone E3 shaver. In addition to the precise closeness and skin comfort, it features 3D flexibility in shaving to take care of any tricky areas. The automatic polish function helps keep the two thin blades always sharp. And it is suitable for wet & dry use, which is ideal to the users who apply foam and gel while shaving.

Black stone E3 shaver is also water-proof making your daily maintenance quite easy to wash after use.

Whether you’re just at home or on a business trip, the shaver is considered efficient as it works for as long as 2 months with only 2-hour recharging period. There is a reminder light on it which does flash when it is short of power and in the event it is out of power, there is no risk to continue using it while it’s recharging.

Black stone E3 is such a portable device and with its perfect ergonomics design, it is your perfect smart device.

Enchen Blackstone3 Shaver currently retails at 2499 Ksh; with the similar type Enchen Blackstone shaver within the same category will be priced at 1499 Ksh. You can call 0719 077 022 to have the shaver delivered at the convenience of your home or office. Get yourself the perfect gift for you or yours…


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