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The Singleton Showcases the Journey of Fatherhood in Kenya

The Singleton Showcases the Journey of Fatherhood in Kenya
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The Singleton has unveiled a heartfelt Father’s Day tribute, celebrating the profound journey of fatherhood through the voices of prominent Kenyan industry leaders.

Adil Popat, Kiprono Kittony and Mwaniki Mageria shared their unique experiences and reflections as fathers.

Their conversations with their children offered a glimpse into the complex world of fatherhood, revealing the unique perspectives of those who give them the title ‘Father’.

By highlighting these influential figures, and their intimate bonds with their children, The Singleton underscores the essence of fatherhood and celebrates the enduring impact fathers have on the next generation.

“Just like the character of the Singleton, known for its smooth, rich, and perfectly balanced profile, fathers bring a unique blend of strength, warmth, and balance into our lives. They enrich our experiences, adding depth and light with their presence. We are honored to collaborate with such established figures to celebrate the essence of fatherhood,” said Gakenia Wangeci, Brand Manager, the Singleton. “Their stories resonate with the values we cherish and promote at Singleton.”

Adil Popat, Group Executive Chairman, Simba Corp along with his daughters Alyssa and Alyana, spoke about the importance of balancing career success with family commitments.

Their story delves into how they keep close-knit family ties and nurture mutual respect and love.

Kiprono Kittony, Chairman, Nairobi Securities Exchange and his daughter Catherine, shared insights into the empowering role of a father.

Their story highlighted how a father’s encouragement and belief in his daughter’s potential
are pivotal in shaping her drive to succeed.

Mwaniki Mageria, an accomplished media personality, along with his daughter Tendai and son Tendo Mageria, offered a perspective on the evolving journey of fatherhood.

They discussed lessons learnt over the years as they explore the impact of a father’s presence in developing his children’s personality and character.

The compelling videos will be featured across Singleton’s social media channels.

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