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Aspiring Governor in trouble for poor service deliver

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Thika town member of parliament Patrick Wainaina popularly known as Jungle who is said to be eyeing Kiambu gubernatorial seat 2022 has been put on the spot over his new tactic of spending most of his time engaging in politics at the expense of development.

The legislator has attracted the wrath of locals who are complaining that the MP has been busy donating foodstuff instead of focusing on their grievances on more serious issues like ensuring schools in his constituency meet the safety standards as per the Covid 19 prevention guidelines.

The locals are also perturbed that the MP has been donating food in wards that are far from his home town despite the fact the area has a large slum where the residents are in dire need of food.

According to a source, the locals have vowed to teach the MP a lesson for not only ignoring President Uhuru’s directive to focus on development as opposed to politics but also for forgetting that “charity begins at home.”

Hon Patrick Wainiana jungle is accused of taking Thika residents for fools. He is so busy campaigning for the Kiambu Gubernatorial seat while the people of Thika constituency continue to suffer.

The deplorable state of schools in Thika is alarming with especially with the government considering the reopening of schools and with no proper sanitation, lack of enough sitting desks, and lack of enough toilets, with no anti-covid measures set in place, Thika is set for a difficult time.

This notwithstanding, the same MP has been seen to be everywhere else in Kiambu donating Masks, Sanitizers and hand cleaning kiosks while his electorates are suffering due to lack of basic amenities.

“What we are telling Wainaina is that, before you go out giving all this items to the rest of the county, we as the people of Thika are in real need of these items. Before you build 100’s of boda boda sheds for the rest of the county, our children need more toilets, “Source said.

He adds, “To our MP, as you give food to the residents of Githurai, Ruiru, Gatundu, Limuru, Kiambu and the likes, please remember the less fortunate families you’ve left in Kiandutu, Majengo and other places in Thika. As you donate wheelchairs to the rest of the county, please remember the needy disabled people begging in our streets here in Thika,”

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