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Bondo Parliamentary aspirant demands CDF to be restructured

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By Fred Maingi
The use of Constituency development Fund(CDF) should be restructured since its being misused,Bondo parliamentary seat aspirant Frederick Banja has affirmed.
He suggested CDF be entrusted to ward development committees or non politicians.
He noted that parliamentary leaders who have been running the show should play the role of oversight and supervisory roles for better use.
The Bondo seat aspirant who is the Managing Director of APS,a telecommunication company that deals with high technology cables & connectivity solutions said he will be offering himself for the Bondo parliamentary seat for 2022 when the position will be declared vacant.
“Bondo is second to Gatundu since the two are the ancestral hometowns for our two political leaders(President Uhuru Kenyatta and Hon.Raila Odinga).Im looking for stakeholder’s to work with in this journey. I need people to lift me up. I know there are many challenges ahead of me but I believe if we can unite and pull together,nothing is impossible ‘”Banja noted.
Speaking at a Nairobi hotel,the telecommunication expert observed that tribalism and corruption has slowed down development progress in Kenya adding that the only way to contain the vice is to change ” our perception and way of doing things”.
“Tribalism, he added,has contributed to the high rate of corruption.We should change our mindset as communities by doing the right thing and avoid bad vices that lead to corruption.Botswana is a small country compared to Kenya but they are far ahead of us since corruption is an economic crime which is punishable by death,its a capital offence”
He went on to add “Here in Kenya,tenders are given but not won like in other countries.That alone contributes to the high rate of corruption”


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