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I am not a troubled man-Sonko responds to the Standard

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Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has laughed off an article in one of the dailies describing his current political life as empty and weary.

He has also clarified that his political career was not built on flamboyance but by the grace of God and his own good deeds.

He termed the article titled “Badi, graft case spoiling party for once flashy Sonko,’’ as wishful thinking that will never see the light of the day.

“I am not a troubled man but I know I have challenges which I have to handle as a leader, a parent and a friend to many people,” Sonko told Bizwatch Kenya.

The governor also clarified that his workout sessions in the gym are for his own personal good; to attain physical fitness,good health and also to encourage young people to hit the gym.

“That the Standard has interpreted my workout sessions to mean ‘Emptiness, Broodiness and Weariness is just absurd. The reasons I am hitting the gym is to keep fit and also to encourage young people out there to exercise. I am inviting them for an interview during my workout sessions so that they get the gist of my daily engagements,” Sonko said.

He said that he is confident his political career remains on course and that it will be determined by the people,God and his unending desire to help people.

“My future in leadership will not be determined in newsrooms but by the people who put me in power,the trust I have in God and my never-ending desire to  engage in good deeds”.


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