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Itumbi roasted on KoT over ‘fake’ Waruguru drama statement

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A post by Tangatanga blogger Dennis Itumbi that was meant to disparage Laikipia Woman Representative Cate Waruguru backfired heavily on him.

Itumbi took on Twitter to link the MP to reports that she caused drama at a private residence in Bamburi,Mombasa.

However, majority of Kenyans  dismissed the post as “cheap and kitchen politics from Tangatanga,”

 “ Horrible! He has sunk to a new low of pettiness. Some cheap and “kitchen”  politics maybe after Tangatanga numbers didn’t add up to their expectations,” one twitter user wrote

In the post by Itumbi,he alleges that  Waruguru  caused drama at her lover’s house as she tried to evict his ex-girlfriend.

Itumbi taking to the social media t said Waruguru went to the residence situated in Bamburi causing all the drama.

But the blogger had a hard time explaining the incidence to majority of his supporters who termed his post as petty and desperate.

“ You are just being petty and desperate and this one show how you have sunk to a new low,” a dismayed follower responded to his tweet.

Some Kenyans told him to mature up and Focus on his Tanga Tanga propagandas in order to make ends meet.

Some legislators have reportedly claimed that the blogger is being used by top Tangatanga politicians to intimidate and blackmail leaders opposed to the DP using such tactics.

Waruguru who also spoke to this writer said that  the new development is part of Tangatanga’s new gimmics to try and tarnish the names of those who have “ stood firm against deceptive politics of Deputy President Willima Ruto,”

This incident comes barely days after the parliamentarian led in voting yes to the contentious BBI report.

Waruguru who was one’s a close Dp Ruto ally changed abruptly after a visit to the famous capitol hill where he met the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.


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