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Nairobi Best Performing County, Social Audit Score Card Reveals.

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Nairobi’s governor is expected to be named the top performer among the 47 county chiefs in the Nairobi County Social Audit Network’s scorecard on county government performance, which will be published tomorrow.

Sakaja, who has pulled up his sleeves to work for the transformation of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, has led his team in executing several development initiatives within the county in the areas of health, infrastructure, talent and skills development, and enhanced city cleanliness.

For the period of the report, set to be released, Nairobi ranks top under the leadership of Sakaja with installations of modern equipment at various county health facilities, new coolers at city mortuary, re-carpeting of the county’s road network, construction of sports facilities, and support to the creative industry among other development initiatives done under his administration.

Edward Githaiga the Chairman of the Nairobi Social Audit Network said that despite the challenges that the Governor and his County Government has faced, he has been able to stabilize the County and formulate working formulas through a Bipartisan approach, which has reduced the wrangles synonymous with previous Nairobi County Governance. He added that the Business Community, the Youth Women and Person’s living with disability have been involved through the Governors Public Participation mechanism of inclusion and further enable the public to interact actively with the County Development Plans through giving recommendations and suggestions which according to the public submissions during the social Audit, especially being included in the Budget Processes and Development Plans all the way to the ward levels of governance.

Giving the county a score of 8/10, Githaiga in conclusion was categorical that the Nairobi County Governance and it’s Service Delivery has been socially impactful in areas of Decongestion of Nairobi CBD, Management of Health Facilities, ECDs, Sports, Creative Economy, Environmental Conservation, Revenue collection.

The Nairobi City County Government Administration Performance is aimed towards looking at the socio-economic impacts of counties in the score card which is geared towards the residence, business community and the public in general. The scorecard is based on a period of three months since the new County county government took oath of office from December 2022 to April 2023.

Nairobi County Social Audit Network is founded on the principle of Public Participation and Inclusion by creating awareness among beneficiaries and providers of local social and productive services. Increasing efficacy and effectiveness of local development programmes. Its other core mandate is in the scrutiny of various policy decisions, keeping in view stakeholder interests and priorities, particularly of the poor.

This is a way of measuring, understanding, reporting and ultimately improving the Nairobi City County Government socio-economic performance and is aimed at helping the Nairobi City County Government narrow gaps between vision, goal and reality, between efficiency and effectiveness.

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