Vihiga governor Dr. Wilber Ottichilo addressing a press at the county headquarters,

Vihiga governor Dr. Wilber Ottichilo has officially launched Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) campaign in Mbale. Just a day after launch of signature collection by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga in Nairobi, Ottichilo has began putting together a team comprising of representatives from various political parties and other groups said that he will be corrdinating BBI activities in the county.

While addressing press at the county headquarters, Ottichilo urged all political parties in the county to come forth and present representatives they would wish to be in the coordinating team.

“County commissioner will have his team upto assistant chiefs at the grassroot level. For us we are ready and this exercise might begin anytime. We have been given five days to coordinate signature collection.” Averred the County boss.

The governor complimented his fellow leaders in the county for supporting BBI as a show of unity.
On his reasons for supporting BBI, Dr. Wilber emphasized on how BBI will add county allocation from 15% to 45%.

“We shall have Ward Development Fund. This will be like Constituency Development Fund, just money for development. This is going to change many lives.” Added Ottichilo who was flanked by representatives from several political parties in the county.

After signature collection, they will be presented to Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission for verification before county assemblies begin to discuss the bill. 24 out of the 47 counties are required to give a nod to the bill for it to survive.