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AI is Increasingly Becoming the Selling Point for Smartphones

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The world is changing fast. Technology is literally turning the world around. Artificial intelligence is slowly becoming an everyday reality in our lives. When it comes to our smart devices, AI has rapidly made its way onto smartphones becoming one of the main features in smartphones today.

Most of the smartphones released since the turn of the year have included AI-focused hardware and software, from imaging, photography, power efficiency to security. Face identification, google assistant, AI camera and AI-assisted night shooting are some of the upgrades that most 2019 smartphones come with.

AI in smartphone hardware has gone undetected but remained quite useful to users. For instance, when it comes to data privacy and security, one’s personal data can remain in their device without necessarily being sent over the internet for cloud processing, thereby helping the user retain total control of their information.

According to Gopher Ogembo, HMD Global Senior Business Manager, East Africa, Artificial Intelligence features are fast becoming fundamental differentiators for smartphone manufacturers. 

“We are currently witnessing a situation whereby the dynamics are changing and the smartphone market is slowly shifting from the sale of technology products to delivering compelling and personalized experiences, with AI solutions being sold as a highlight feature in smartphones.”

“Nokia smartphones running on Android 9 Pie have been fully integrated with the power of artificial intelligence that is clearly working to ensure that battery power is saved.  Nokia smartphones have AI that enables Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness actioned by learning the users’ preferences,” he adds

The AI in the Android 9 Pie has App Action that is exclusive to Android One and Google Pixel. It predicts what the user is about to do, so as to enable them to get to their next task more quickly. For example, the phone with this Android version will adapt automatically during the user’s morning commute, while they are at work or when they connect their headphones.

The mobile market as it is right now is being built and mainly driven around the concept and promise of artificial intelligence. When at its best, users tend not to realize that it’s actually AI that makes their smartphones run smoothly. The biggest opportunity right now for smartphone manufacturers is to figure out what functionalities of Artificial Intelligence users need next in their smartphones.

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